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Birthdate:Nov 21
Don't you ever, EVER call me a bully. I'm so much worse than that.
—Malcolm Tucker to Ollie Reeder in "Rise of the Nutters"

Malcolm Tucker is the UK Prime Minister's Director for Communications in the BBC television show The Thick of It and the film In the Loop. Basically, he's the PM's head spin doctor, ensuring that all party communications stick to the official line and doing media damage control when needed (which is basically all the fucking time). He lives for his job and rules by terror, intimidation, threats, and blackmail.

Apperance, etc.: 6'/1.8m tall, lanky build, dark brown hair going grey, grey eyes. He's from Glasgow and has a marked Scottish accent, although it's been smoothed out a bit by living in London for as long as he has. He is almost never seen in anything other than a full suit and tie.

Note: Malcolm Tucker is not a nice man. He will shout at you, berate you, insult you, swear at you in ways you never imagined possible, and belittle you in front of your peers. And that's if he likes you. (Assuming Tucker likes anyone, which is not guaranteed.) He generates more f-bombs and c-bombs (and other swearwords) per minute than an episode of Deadwood. Sensitive souls, be warned.

And don't ever call him fucking English.

TLV Info:
  • Application: Here.
  • Cabin: Level 7, Room 5. Malcolm's room looks like his office at Number 10 Downing Street, with a narrow metal-framed bed where the settee normally would be. He has a laptop and a stereo, though unfortunately those who make the arrangements forgot to include anything to play on the stereo. And the books on the shelves are all blank. Possibly a little joke on someone's part.
  • Warden: Claire Bennet || [info]some_kinda_hero (formerly Columbus, [info]gutsofaguppy)
  • Job: Dinner shift in the kitchen. (No, really. See also: The Thick Of It S3.07. "I fucking love ghee; it's fucking freebasing butter.")
  • Fourth Wall Permissions: Here.
  • Malcolm-specific permissions: Here.


RP journal. Not associated with The Thick Of It, In the Loop, Armando Ianucci, or Peter Capaldi.
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