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Malcolm is a veritable pop-culture encyclopaedia; when he's not shouting at people, he reads voraciously and watches a lot of movies and television, and he also absorbs a lot by osmosis from his family members, especially the youngsters. There's also the "Zeitgeist tapes" (from The Thick Of It S1.02):
Malcolm: This is important stuff, Hugh! Right, we do a weekly digest for the Prime Minister: we boil down the week's television, cinema, music, so on.

Ollie: The Zeitgeist tapes.

Malcolm: Exactly, the Zeitgeist tapes. EastEnders highlights, choice bits from all the reality shows, 10 seconds of music videos, that kind of thing.

Hugh: That's why the PM always looks so clued-up! I always thought he was genuinely quite with it.

Malcolm: No, no, he's as bad as you; he uses phrases like "with it" as well. Right, I'm gonna bike that over to Terri; watch it, ok? And listen, when you talk to Angela Heaney, remember to stick the boot into Hewitt. I'm putting it about that Cliff offered him two free weeks at his Tuscan villa for that piece, ok?

Hugh: Ten-four, daddy-o!

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, this is serious! You've got 24 hours to sort out your policy on EastEnders, right? Or you're for the halal butchers!

[Ollie does an imitation of the EastEnders opening music]

Malcolm: Even he knows.

So he will generally be inclined to fourth-wall the shit out of the people that he recognises. If I don't see a comment from you here, I'll go with what's in the community Fourth Wall Permissions post.

Also, Malcolm swears a lot. A lot. If you don't want your character sworn at ... probably they shouldn't interact with him. But if you don't mind, let me know if there are any restrictions or anything else noteworthy.

So, fill out the following bit and post in a comment below.

Also, please feel free to fourth-wall the hell out of Malcolm and to confuse him with other Capaldi characters (Frobisher from Torchwood, Sid's dad from Skins, even Caecillius from DW ep "The Fires of Pompeii").
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