Jun. 25th, 2010 10:57 am
fuckitybye: (I can fucking hear you)
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[Individual messages addressed to Damon, Costigan, Bela, and Ana, all with minute variations on the following text. Some may have more gratuitous f-bombs than others. Ana's message is deleted during her conversation with Malcolm.]

Right. I've got a list of all the new arrivals who have come on board in the last week; verify and let me know if I've missed anyone. [Pretend it's attached here.]

So what's fit to fucking print, then? Obviously the Undead Party Conference and the resulting fallout, and I see we got some scuffles—Judas and Rex. I'd be really fucking interested to know if there was some dirt about how the wardens handled that one. And it looks like we got some people who've picked up some fucking superpowers, yeah? Any leads on that?

Anything else?
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