Jun. 21st, 2010 10:16 am
fuckitybye: (fucking gobsmacked)
[personal profile] fuckitybye
[Malcolm's been awake for the last few hours and doing nothing but reading through all the postings he's missed while in his hiatus coma. Colour him gobsmacked.]


So, this sort of thing happen often around here? Go for a quick lie-down and wake up a fucking week later?


Glad to see you fucks made it back from the Bank Holiday of the Living Dead, anyhow. Really fucking glad I missed out on it too

ADDED LATER: [Private to the Baroness]
Hey, look, I'm sorry I stood you up, yeah? I didn't expect I was going to fall into a fucking coma before meeting you.

[OOC: And with this, I am officially back from hiatus. Hello to all the new folks who arrived while I was away!]
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