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[Malcolm is doing this one audio-only, while he's running around the Ministry of Propaganda like someone set him on fire. Anyone watching will see only the Masterworld Channel test card.]

—the fuck do you mean the best HD camera's on the fritz? Get it fucking off the fritz or Fritz from Security is gonna fucking be on you. Now fuck off; I've gotta get this broadcast done.

Good morning, twatwaffles. Busy day here today, so I'm not gonna fuck around with your time and mine. Same briefing from yesterday applies: "support the troops" and "remember our heroes" and no fucking numbers. Also—

The fuck you showing me that for? Bring it back when it doesn't fucking look like a toddler with E. Coli shat all over it.

—also, top priority is the viewing numbers for the Master's big broadcast tonight. One. Hundred. Fucking. Percent. Nothing else is fucking acceptable.

Now get the fuck to work. Tucker out.

[OOC: THE LAST ONE. Or is it...?]
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